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Journey to Destinations

Do you need a new destination in your life right now? This week’s video will inspire you towards a compelling ambition while staying present in the journey you’re experiencing.



What’s the relationship between journeys and destinations, and which do you need more of? We’re Off Balance On Purpose in Quebec!
I spoke yesterday at this amazing hotel – Le Chateau Frontenac opened in 1893 and was built by the the Canadian Pacific Railroad.
The idea was to build phenomenal destination hotels across Canada in an effort to build demand for railroad transportation. To get new customers, the railroad was instrumental in creating Canadian National Hotels.
In life and business, there’s a similar demand for destinations – Goals, experiences, accomplishments. Saving, buying, doing. Some things just don’t happen without serious intention.
But just like this place, when you arrive at your destination, you can stay there only briefly, before continuing your journey. Don’t get stuck in where you’ve been, what you’ve done, or what was important last year. The question is, what’s next? What’s new? And, most importantly, what’s now?
The present moment is where you experience the journey. And in the end, those moments become your life. Destinations provide power to propel us. They give us purpose. Reaching them requires us to move and grow. They also mark and validate our progress. Yet as quickly as they arrive, they soon become new points of departure toward future destinations, known and unknown.
Pursue aspiring destinations while being present for the journey. On the move, and in the moment. Because moments bring meaning and are yours to experience, wherever you are. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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