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John and Spencer cross blades as we cruise the sky toward Kuwait.

19 March, Kuwait, 15:13

Last night we said goodbye to Qatar and boarded our own personal C130 to Kuwait City. In the back of the bird there were just the four of us and the flight’s Load Master, Tom Marhulik. Before take off we met the flight crew and several others who were taking photos with an American flag at the rear (open compartment) of the plane. We jumped right in and caught some great pictures with them.

While enroute, the fun continued, as Todd and I passed juggling clubs around Tom at 20,000 feet. John and Spence did a swordfight, and I threw in a back flip for good measure. It was our first “in flight” performance, and our audience (just Tom) seemed to really enjoy it.

Upon landing, we were met by Brody and Contee, our hosts here in Kuwait. We spent most of today with Brody touring the city, shopping and eating at a great buffet style restaurant in town. We are back at base now, resting up for tomorrow’s show at Camp New York! More later; my computer time is about to expire.

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(L)Flight crew to Kuwait. (R) Showtime at 20,000 feet for an audience of one.

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