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      Learning Curves

      Is it possible you can learn faster than you currently realize? This week’s video will help you accelerate through your learning curves to acquire new skills and abilities.



      How do you get better more quickly? This week we’re accelerating through the learning curves.
      When I became interested in juggling, I got really curious about learning. When a particular trick that had been impossible suddenly worked, and then got easier, and then eventually dependably solid, I asked myself, “what changed? Was my brain different somehow? Had my body improved? Or was it simply a matter of understanding and belief? I can do it now because I know I can do it.” And if that’s the case, can you trick yourself into getting it right sooner?
      Juggling is a great example of learning because it is so visual and definitive. You either catch the ball or you don’t. I’ve taught thousands of people how to do this, and believe that nearly everyone can learn the skill. Yet some people decide, almost instantly, that it’s impossible for them, and they put down the balls, refusing to even try. And for them, it is impossible, until and unless they suspend their disbelief.
      Learning anything requires curiosity and practice, but poor practice ingrains problems. We need models and examples of excellence in any skill, discipline, or field that interests us. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to find great information and lessons delivered live or via the internet: YouTube, TikTok, TED Talks, and other platforms.
      Here are five suggestions to help accelerate your learning curves.
      1. Get Specific – Be open to learning anything, but get clear about something that really interests you.
      2. Pick a Teacher – Every teacher or content creator has their own process, approach, personality, and style. Pick someone who resonates with you.
      3. Start Simple – Most people want to skip the basics and race to the finish line, but as a fantastic writing teacher once told me, “Advanced is just a better understanding of the basics.”
      4. Short Sessions – Better to practice a little every day than many hours one day a week.
      5. Take Breaks – While learning, you are forming and reinforcing new neural pathways, and it takes both repetition and downtime for those connections to solidify.
      Also, use objective measurements to help quantify your progress, as well as some open ended, creative sessions. It really takes both to help round out your understanding. And, I’d love to learn from you, so please share in the comments what has helped you accelerate your learning. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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