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Malevolent Complexity

How can you be a positive person when the world seems broken or out to get you? From West Palm Beach, Florida, let’s talk about malevolence.



Much of life’s complexity is necessary. Other complexities we choose, as I covered in a prior video. Then there’s the intentional disruption others bring your way. I call this malevolent complexity, and it takes many forms, from those just trying to slow, discourage, or manipulate you, to actual efforts to cause you harm.

For instance, requesting refunds or cancelling subscriptions is complex by design, to dissuade you from doing so. Governmental regulations and taxes are far more complex than needed. Again, this is to put you on the defensive and in a more vulnerable position. Competitors in sport and businesses strive to win while helping you to lose. And then there’s the real bad actors: criminals, hackers, haters, and all around scumbags.

Remember, incredible good coexists with undeniable evil. Opportunity and destruction. Beauty and ugliness. The best and worst of humanity. Opposing forces at work simultaneously, all the time. The trick is to be aware of malevolence while attuned to positivity. To see the traps without falling into them or, even worse, letting them change you – losing your hope and joy. Becoming cynical or giving up entirely. Here are some suggestions to help.

1.Don’t take the bait. When you encounter negativity, see it for what it is, and don’t get drawn into a no win battle.

2. Identify, don’t incorporate. You may think, “this is just how it is now” or feel it takes corruption and negativity to deal with it. Play the bigger game by your own rules and principles. Adjust your approach and expectations.

3. Set your boundaries. There’s a wise old saying: “If you’re a giver learn to set limits because takers don’t have any.”

What you focus on becomes more real for you. So look for and embody what’s good in people. Be true and honest. Call out malevolence without losing hope and your own best nature. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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