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Meaningful Completion

Honoring loved ones and intentions requires a commitment to completion. This week’s deeply personal message will help you finish what is most meaningful to you.



Whether overcoming a challenge or celebrating a cherished life, the unfinished leaves you unfulfilled. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose committed to completion.
Shay, Eddie, Maggie and I are driving this week to McAlester, OK, to memorialize and celebrate the life of Martha June Whitlock, my mother in law. If you’ve been following me for awhile, you may recall when I flew to Oklahoma to move my wife’s mom to Georgia to live with us, without Shay knowing, as she was out of town.
We all loved her so much, and our time together, and looked forward to so many more memories, until, at a healthy 83 years old, she died suddenly from an accidental fall.
This was, of course, devastating when it happened in November 2019. Because of the holidays, we planned the family memorial for Spring of 2020.  Then, like so many, our family’s gathering was postponed, seemingly indefinitely, due to the pandemic. Just at the time we needed each other most, the event was impossible to complete.
When I reflect upon the impact for us, and then multiply it by tens or hundreds of thousands, it breaks my heart. How much has been postponed, or diminished because of this challenging time? How many lives are still unhonored, or plans and projects in limbo, or all but abandoned?
The grieving process, finds new pathways, and we found ways to connect and comfort at a distance. But my wife remained committed to holding a proper celebration at the earliest possible moment when most could attend. And I am so glad. Because even though we have waited over a year, I assure you that this event is every bit as special and necessary now. We planned it together with great care and deep love, and tomorrow, we will be celebrating Mom’s life’s completion.
This is a different sort of message, I know. But it comes from my heart, and directly from our life journey. I urge you. IF you’ve been tempted to abandon the meaningful, please don’t. Double down. Recommit to honor your loved ones and your hearts desires. You haven’t missed it. You’ve been waiting for the right moment. That moment is still before you, and you can finish beautifully. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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