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      Meaningful Memories

      When you consider the characters of your life story – family, friends, colleagues –are you content your relationships? Have you learned, said, and resolved the big stuff? Do you notice and appreciate the “little things?” This week’s video provides five suggestions to improve your relationships and multiply your positive influence!



      Do the people you love know you love them? Are the stories of your past resolved? This week, we’re in Santa Rosa Beach, making meaningful memories.
      My parents rented a house for the week in this gorgeous beach town. Mom’s turning 80, and that’s a great reason for our family to gather and celebrate. And also, it’s a vivid reminder that for all of our love ones, regardless the years, there remain a finite number of times to share together. None of us know how many, exactly, but the inescapable reality is that all shared journeys can, and do, end.
      Now, my mom is quite healthy, and I’m not trying to be morbid. We are all confident we’ll have many more great years together. Yet, the longer you live, the more evidence you gather that this isn’t always the case. Therefore, important moments carry a pressing urgency to address what truly matters. Here are five reminders to keep in mind, and to guide your efforts.
      1. Convey your affection. Tell people you love them. And tell them why! Express your appreciation for their qualities, quirks, and the choices they made which you recognize weren’t always easy.
      2. Gather stories. Mine the memories of others, especially older generations. Ask, questions, listen deeply, and explore the tales still untold.
      3. Resolve the unknown. As you explore the missing chapters, ask about what you still don’t know or understand. If it’s important or desired, get those questions answered.
      4. Repair damage. Where conflict exists, make it your priority to fix it. Ask for forgiveness. Or extend it, even if it’s not requested or earned. The details of the past are less important than the reality of the moment and the quality of your internal world.
      5. Make memories. Go deeper into the experiences and moments you’re sharing. Notice subtle details and go out of your way to make today a little more special.
      Every life story contains a cast of colorful characters. Treasure your relationships. Embrace their complications, and make moments and memories increasingly more meaningful. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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