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      New Year – New Pattern

      At the start of each year, we dive again into the unknown, recommitted to make positive improvements to some, or several aspects of our lives. Perhaps this idea of a “fresh start” provides new hope and energy. That’s fantastic! But it’s not enough. It will take a sustained commitment and a coordinated plan to be successful.

      I have created a seven minute video that will help you as you plan your year. It will give you a different way to approach the the personal and professional changes you want to make. It will also help you to develop a wider view of the various aspects of your life, and see how they are all connected.

      Into Action

      This year, take these steps to ensure that your ambitions become accomplishments and that your desires turn into “done deals.”

      1. Consider how you want to grow in each of the five spheres of life – Work, Relationships, Health, Spiritual Growth, and Personal Interests. Capture these thoughts on paper, or in a computer file. When you write down your desires, you make them real, tangible and far more powerful. This step is extremely important.
      2. Look for supportive connections between your goals and desires. What lifelines will be strengthened or enhanced as you pursue and realize your goals? Which goals complement one another?
      3. Minimize the negative impact of changes. In what ways might your goals challenge your spheres and lifelines? Even a desire to make a positive change can have unintended, undesirable ramifications. As you go “off balance” in pursuit of a goal, what other areas of your life may be neglected or compromised? How can you minimize these negative consequences by engaging the support and connections of your life pattern?
      4. Go for incremental progress instead of the end result. You can’t accomplish all your goals at once. Start with the one that will have the most significant overall benefit to your five spheres. Then take the first step toward improvement. Before long, your progress will create momentum to help you continue the journey.

      Life will never be perfectly balanced, but it can be Off Balance On Purpose. That means you can make the choices to initiate the changes and challenges that will bring about your positive transformation. Along the way, please consider me as a resource and partner.

      Keep leaning forward!


    • Todd Hurt says:

      HI Dan,
      Thanks for starting the year off right for me. This was inspirational as always. I will be throwing my life off balance on purpose this year as I continue to work and go back to grad school to work on my PhD. I always read your books when it is time to lay down a new game plan.

      Todd Hurt
      Training Coordinator
      UGA Center for Urban Agriculture

    • Wise advice, Dan! I loved it so much that I posted it on my Facebook page and tweeted it. Thank you for your positive perspective on life and the inevitable challenges and changes we all face.

    • Chris Young says:

      Thanks Dan,
      I’m going to put this in a document and study on it more. It’s timely. One thing that jumped out at me – “As you go “off balance” in pursuit of a goal, what other areas of your life may be neglected or compromised?” – I know while I am in school and studying full time, I end up sitting wayyy too long. As an older body, I’ll need to find a counter-balance for this as a priority.
      Yes, I’ll study this one a while. Thanks.

    • Barbara Myers says:

      Excellent message, Dan. Thank you for sharing your insights on life in such an engaging way!

    • Mike says:

      Great message. I will forward this on to my Associates!

    • Dawn Breitigam says:

      Thanks!! I needed that!!

    • Just like nature – so many aspects are dependent and interconnected. Thanks Dan for suggesting a slightly “off balance” way of looking at our life.

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