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The key to creativity, peak performance, and true happiness may not be to take life “seriously,” but to learn to engage in Serious PLAY. This week’s video will help you access your best while having more fun in the process.



When life gets intense and there’s a lot at stake, you may tend to tighten up and get super serious. But what if there’s a better way to bring out your best? This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose, deploying play.
I’m a huge fan of incorporating PLAY into work and life. Now, that could mean taking a quick break to engage in something fun and energizing. And it also means approaching work with a more playful attitude – not to diminish the importance, but to elevate new possibilities!
Quality output and creativity are byproducts of engagement and momentum. So when you’re stuck, or feeling tight, a looser more freeing approach might bring the needed breakthrough.
And PLAY takes many forms.
Trying things you haven’t.
Doing what you love and are great at.
Being truly present.
Rising above the seriousness of the moment.
And Not just thinking, but actually doing.
When someone kicks you the ball, literally or metaphorically, you don’t take the ball, go study it, put it in a place for safe keeping. NO, you kick it. You take your turn. Are you taking your turn and contributing to the momentum and the spirit of the moment? Don’t wait for perfection, just open up to the possibilities, act with purpose, trust in yourself, and PLAY.
You may surprise yourself as you make new discoveries. Give it your best. And have fun, because when it’s fun, you function at a whole different level.
Better ideas and creativity.
More confidence.
The work becomes more Intriguing and desirable.
You’ll have Greater endurance.
And Play becomes personal. I WANT to do this. And I invite you to join me.
When you incorporate play into your everyday moments, you distance yourself from negativity, while achieving something “extra” to contribute. You’ll become a better leader, a trusted collaborator, and an enjoyable companion. So bring more playtime to your work time, and your lifetime. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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