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      Positive Breakdown

      When does a breakdown work to your advantage?  This week’s video will help you create positive breakdowns that will propel you toward growth and accomplishment.



      If you’re experiencing a breakdown in ability or understanding, then a positive breakdown may be your solution. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose in McAllen, Texas.

      Are you struggling to accomplish something in life or business, no matter how bad you want it or how hard you try? Are you finding it difficult to learn or execute a new skill? Accomplish a goal? Or at least improve? Well then, you likely need to break it down.

      Inside every perplexing, complex challenge is a smaller challenge you can totally understand. The key to the big thing is a better understanding of the little thing. So, when big is baffling, go progressively smaller until you find what makes perfect sense.

      Once you break it down, break it in with repetition. Review and do the little things a lot, noticing new details. Experiment to improve, remember you’re not seeking perfection. At first, it’s not about getting it right so much as getting a glimpse of what might be right, useful, and true.

      You simplify the complex by breaking it down, and a great way to do this is by making a list of the necessary steps, components, or tasks. Once you can see it, rather than just thinking about it, you’ll be less overwhelmed and more objective about what is required.

      Then get busy. Focus on just what’s in front of you. Lay the next brick in building your dream goal, your new skill, or your promised contribution. When you break it down you’ll realize the joy of accomplishment is in the little things, the inspired moments and discoveries along the way. So this week, create your own positive breakdown, and you’ll be Off Balance On Purpose.


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