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Power Up Your Purpose

Your sense of purpose equates to the power of your intentions and the level at which you contribute. But where does purpose come from, and how exactly do you find it? This week’s video contains five specific ways to regain or elevate the power of your purpose.



Where do you find your purpose? There’s not just one answer, but many ways you gain greater power.
The question of purpose can be massive, and also very simple. What are you doing, and why? If you can answer those questions with compelling conviction, you will become more willing and more effective. But if you don’t seek these answers, you may wander, struggle, or arrive at the false conclusion that as far as purpose goes, you don’t have one.
Ridiculous. Not only do you have purpose. You get to choose how you view what you do and why! Here are some powerful options.
Purpose to the task. In the moment and motivation, what exactly are you doing? And for what end?
Purpose in service. Who exactly are you serving or trying to help, and why?
Purpose to team. How does your work affect those you work with? What bigger mission are you a part of? What group values are you aligned with?
Purpose to your profession or craft. Even bigger than your company or job, there’s a profession and tradition you represent. Think of those who preceded you and your chance to contribute something of value.
Purpose in this Lifetime. What is your purpose in life, to God, or the very reason you exist at this moment, on this planet.
The level you play at elevates the clarity of your intentions. And because your inputs resonate and multiply over time, that clarity becomes powerful. This will often surprise you, sometimes amaze you, and continuously challenge you.  So power up, and you’ll be even more Off Balance On Purpose.


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