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Purposeful Work

At what level are you currently working? This week’s video will help you discover the answer, then “level up” to greater satisfaction and meaning!



This week’s question comes from Brandon, who asks how to find the next opportunity for employment and his life. Let’s talk about purposeful work.
For most of us, between the time spent at work, or thinking about work, the vast majority of our waking hours are working hours. So for the overall quality of your life, pursue  an ever-increasing professional purpose. Think of it as three distinct levels.
Level One for work purpose is “survival.” I have a job because I need a job. I earn money to pay bills and buy things and experiences, and hopefully save something for the future. Most people, regardless of how much they make, never move beyond this level, as their bills and desires expand to absorb their earnings.
Level Two goes beyond survival to “satisfaction.” Genuine pride in what you do and how you do it. You take work personally, as an artistic expression of self. You bring excellence, creativity, and often do more than required because, in addition to paying the bills, you find a higher reward in the quality of accomplishment.
Yet there’s a third level of professional purposeful, which is “significance.” Not only are you improving your life, but you’re also making a positive difference for others, meeting critical needs, or advancing a cause you believe in. Money and satisfaction are still there, but you also get the added bonus of work rich with meaning.
What level are you at right now? Do you want to level up? If so, there’s really only two ways. Reframe your existing job, finding greater meaning and contribution, or work elsewhere. And if you’re between jobs, like Brandon, there’s a great opportunity to “level up” relative to your next assignment.
Ask how your work elevates your uniqueness and uplifts others. Infuse those “working hours” with personal expression and next level intentions. You can totally earn a living, create a masterpiece, and leave a lasting impact. Keep those great questions coming, my friends. Follow and subscribe to keep learning, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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