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Qatar 3

An action shot in front of the Al Sailiya base insignia.

18 March, Qatar, 10:30am

Last night’s show in Al Sailiya was a uproarious good time. The R&R Army Base was primed for excitement at the Oasis Club, a facility that resembles a state-side night club. The “ration” of three beers seemed plenty for the crowd to loosen up and release their tensions. The event delivered non-stop laughter for the full 1 hour and 45 minutes of show time. It was so much fun for the audience and for us!

Today we are hanging out at Camp Al Udeid for most of the day, with a call time of 3:00pm to get our equipment “palletized,” or strapped down on a metal pallet for storage aboard our C130 to Kuwait. The flight departs about 6:00pm, which will put us into Kuwait at a reasonable hour.

We are at the halfway point for the adventure, which seems strange since we have done only 8 of our 20 shows and have already visited most of the countries on our trip plan. Clearly, our schedule in Kuwait and Iraq will be more intense than we have experienced thus far. This is what we have been working toward- a chance to get downrange to perform where the tension (and associated danger) is at its highest. The last three days of the trip will be in Iraq where we have scheduled two performances each day.

Meanwhile, life here is pleasant, as we are enjoying comfort, companionship and endless monochromatic vistas. It is extremely bright here, making sun glasses a must! The buildings, sand, rocks and other features all share a common tan hue, reflecting the already bright sunlight and intensifying it even more. Fortunately, it is winter time, which makes the temperature quite moderate, unlike the 120 degree summertime days.

Sgt Whitehead has been a gracious host, as was Sky Simmers, Sgt Malone, Sgt Parks and the rest of the team at Al Sailiya . I left my personal journal there yesterday, and they graciously offered to return it before we leave.

(L) Posing with the Executive Commander at Al Sailiya. (R) John and Todd as we enjoyed a much needed laundry day before showtime.


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