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Right on Time

Do you regularly feel like your schedule is crushing you, or that you’re always late? This week’s video delivers a simple strategy that may be right on time.



Are you always feeling like you’re running behind? If so, this week’s video might be right on time.
People trust and want to work with those they can depend on. And one of the simplest and most powerful ways you can demonstrate your trustworthiness is by being on time.
Regardless of your profession or personal commitments, if you are consistently, dependably on time, you are elevated to a different category of trust. And, if others are waiting for you, regularly, you erode even some of  your most positive qualities. Plus it’s super stressful.
I love getting up early. But it’s not about the hour, so much as allowing sufficient time before your first commitment. And that’s because managing time is like surfing a wave. If you stay ahead of the wave – your schedule and commitments – then you can ride the power and momentum. But if you’re just getting up as the wave is cresting, you are in for an anxious and rough ride.
Here are specific steps to ensure you become known as a person who is right on time.
1. Make it important. Resolve to be punctual, even if others aren’t.
2. Work backwards.  Subtract your travel time from your desired arrival time.
3. Back it up. Subtract a bit more time, allowing room for error – traffic, wrong turns, and even the totally unexpected.
4. Hard departure. If you leave later, knowing that you have room for error, that’s more like a snooze button, because technically… you’re the error!
5. Celebrate “early.” Being early is a great bonus because you can engage “what’s next” on your terms.
This week, resolve to better surf the wave called time, and watch how it increases your value and decreases your stress. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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  • Loved this and shared it with my students…

    Also, I put your tip to work last week by intentionally connecting with three people (at work) that I don\’t normally connect with. That was fun, too.

    Thanks! Keep the videos coming.

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