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Stop Pretending

Are you fooling yourself? Going through the motions? Pretending the obvious is just an illusion? Let me help you see things more honestly and you choose a clear course of action.



Are you fooling yourself? Going through the motions? Pretending the obvious is just an illusion? Here’s a loving reminder to put you back on track, and in truth.

Recently I went through some old journals, reading past thoughts, goals, and intentions. Have you ever done that? In many ways, It was encouraging to see how far I’ve come and how much I’ve accomplished. Then there’s the flip side: Intentions ignored. Goals, or changes I said were important that clearly weren’t.

The crazy part is, some of those items are still on my mind and today’s lists. Recurring patterns of intention, pursuit, and postponement. On some level, I am unwilling to do what it takes.

Can you relate? What intentions, ambitions, or desired changes are, for you, frequently sidestepped? Progress postponed. Breakthroughs on back order. Truth avoided or rewritten to protect your ego. We can go on this way indefinitely or stop pretending, and take bold action in one of these two ways.

1. Let it go. Release the goal or intention you’re unwilling to act upon. And release the guilt or sense of obligation. This is clearly not your path, and that’s ok.

Or 2. Make it so. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. Act now in a clumsy, imperfect, yet unambiguous way. Put this at the top of your list. Create a commitment. Ask for help. Put yourself on the hook to follow through.

Those are the options. Let it go, make it so, or, keep pretending not to know. Trouble is, now that you’ve had this moment of self-honesty, that will not be as easy as it used to be. The Truth will set you free. So stop pretending, and until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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