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Strengthen Your Brain

How important is your mental fitness? Are you optimizing your brain for creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience? How you treat and operate your brain could be the difference between success and frustration. So, from Dubai, here are four strategies you can implement immediately to strengthen your amazing brain.



How is your mental fitness? We’re in Dubai, helping leaders like you improve mental fitness, strength, and agility.

I’m back in Dubai, revisiting leaders in luxury retail. And this time I’m teaming up with my friend, Scott Halford, who literally wrote the book on how to activate your brain for greater health, peace, and success. We’re collaborating to deliver a full day of learning.

Your brain is magnificently designed and incredibly powerful. Your mind is a portal that can transport you to higher potential or entrap you in dysfunction. Too often we’re on automatic, and our habits and reflexes are unhelpful.  Our brains want to conserve energy, so we default to what’s easy, feels good, or distracts us.

You can significantly improve your mental agility and function. You can help your brain stay engaged, flexible, and resourceful. For starters, here are four scientifically proven strategies.

1. Brain fuel.  Your brain works better when hydrated and with quality food throughout the day like nuts, blueberries, apples, and complex carbs.

2. Reprogramming. You don’t have to interpret stress and irritants in ways that debilitate you. You can rewrite your code and retrain your responses.

3. Rests and Reboots. Sleep is super important for brain performance, and so are frequent short breaks, provided you actually stop working, get air, snack, and laugh or play, ideally away from a screen.

4. Workouts. While your brain resists work, it grows by solving complex problems and learning new skills. So, pick one and see it through.

You have one brain and the rest of your life to love it, learn about it, and use it. Prioritize your mental fitness, and adopt small changes and habits that expand your mind and your opportunities. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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