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Taking a Leap

This week’s video offers a journey to new heights and a leap into the unknown! Come along for the adventure, and get inspired to create your own epic, breakthrough moment.



You know, I feel like today is the day to shake things up. To get a whole different perspective on life. To jump start my mind and my body. This week we’re Off Balance On Purpose and taking a LEAP!

Maggie turned 18 this week, and we’re celebrating with a skydive. Considering all that we’ve been through in 2020, jumping out of a plane seemed like a really good idea.

This is Maggie’s first jump … but I took mine in my early 20s, and this is number 8 for me. And every time, it resets my perspective and makes me truly grateful to be alive!
I personally believe that every person should take at least one skydive in their life. And that means you, and especially if you’re afraid of heights.

The tandem jump is the way to go. Certified instructor, highly rated facility, and pick a day with great weather.

Tandem skydiving is a beautiful metaphor for letting go of control, gaining some distance from your problems, and launching into the unknown. Nothing changes attitude quite like altitude. And today that’s 14,500 feet.

So, if you’ve been waiting for this bucket list opportunity, or even if it has never crossed your mind, find a drop zone; near you, and book a reservation today. I promise you’ll get a fresh perspective on life, and new inspiration you can put into action. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose!


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  • Barbara Myers says:

    Happy birthday, Maggie!

  • Owen Skinner says:

    Dan, I have no clue what you said but I saw what you did! Actions sometimes do speak louder than words! Happy Birthday, Maggie!

  • Michael Dieker R.Ph. BCPS says:

    Loved this. I did the same for my Berkley School Music daughter Coleen for her 18th as well back in 2007…. I have only had one jump since with my son and nephews. Coleen has over 80 now. I have become more enamored with Kite Boarding. I love boards and it has been a great transition with my kids grown to be able to be on the water for hours at a time harnessed to a kite and riding with the wind….. I have also logged over 2k miles on a One Wheel. I think you would love it! You have inspired me to get another jump in. Thanks Dan for keeping us off balance, on purpose…. Blessings to you and yours!

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