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      The Best Draft Pick Ever

      This week’s excitement included the annual NFL Draft. Whether you are a devoted fan of college and pro football, or simply a casual observer, you couldn’t miss the hype, spectacle, and excitement about which players were chosen first, and by whom.

      One by one, and round by round, teams availed themselves of their privileged “picks, selecting hopeful and promising talent to join their organization.

      Once “drafted” these athletes could be certain that they would have:

      • A new opportunity to succeed at a higher level.
      • Supportive fans and teammates.
      • Dedicated staff to train their abilities and coach them to excellence.
      • A darn nice “starting salary.”

      Catch my Draft

      This process got me to thinking. We all have the opportunity to institute our own personal draft, of sorts. Today – and everyday – we are faced with decisions about how we will spend our limited dollars and finite time. We routinely choose “teammates” to be our business partners.  We select our friends. We surround ourselves with the “promising talent” we think will bring us the best advantage, experience, or chance for success and happiness.

      Once we draft our team, just like the NFL powerhouses, we invest time, energy, and money in “developing” people and opportunities. It is a hefty undertaking running an NFL franchise … or running a life.

      Getting Chilly from the Draft

      Why is it we so often think that the next “right answer” or “turnaround opportunity” resides outside of ourselves? In order to break through, succeed, or be happy, we think, we must look beyond our abilities (or ideas) and entrust our future to other factors. Perhaps, instead, the right answer and the right “pick” is far closer to home. You could say the best “pick” is under your nose (sophomoric humor intended).

      Pick YOU!

      When it comes to a winning selection, who, other than YOU is more:

      • Committed to your success?
      • Personally invested in your future?
      • Knowledgeable about your situation?

      The answer to those questions: No one! This is why I advocate that you should “Draft Yourself!” Believe and act upon the undeniable truth that your BEST opportunities will be realized when you develop yourself. Choose to be better. Select yourself for the starting position, then:

      • Develop your game plan. It takes strategy to succeed
      • Move up to the next level. You’re in the big leagues now!
      • Invest in your education and training. Commit to continuous improvement.
      • Listen to those who will cheer you to victory.

      This could be your best season ever. So as you scout opportunities and talent, be sure that you draft yourself in the very “first round.”

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