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The Hidden Secret that Blew My Mind…

From the broadcasting studio in Atlanta, Dan reveals the secret to fulfillment, hidden in five familiar words. You’ll better understand your true nature, and four adjustments that will transform your work and life.



Hello, Dan, here with a bit of a different message from the studio this week. As you know, I often talk about your five spheres of your life pattern, your work, your relationships, your health, your spiritual growth, and your interests or passions, and how you should not pursue these as five different projects, but as connected, as part of one pattern, and really strengthening the connections between the spheres, so that when life’s in motion, you have stability to withstand the changes and the chaos that’s coming at you. But you know, often I have people ask me, “But Dan, what is the most important of those five spheres?” and one day in a hotel room on the road, about a year after the book came out, I was thinking about this question, and I got up, and I just started to doodle. And I said, Well, you know your Spiritual Self is obviously important, and may be at the center of everything. And if that was the case, that would change the nature of your Relationships, the people you hang around, and how you treat them, the way you take care of your own personal Health. And maybe even also, the way you approach your Work and the interests that you pursue with Passion. And it blew my mind right there.

Embedded in this work in those five spheres was this concept of worship, and not just that, worship was something else that we go do. But it’s how we do everything. It’s how you live. Worship is life.

I believe this to be true, because as human beings, we are designed for a sense of worship. And we’re spiritual beings, having a human experience, not the other way around. We are drawn, regardless of our faith, toward a sense of awe and devotion. And so the question is, do

you do this intentionally or unintentionally? And what are you devoted to? To God or to a sense of good in all things? To an ideology, a technology? Idols, culture, money, people? You see, the reason, I believe, that we’re designed for worship is because these tangible things that we’e so focused on pursuing in life, we do so for intangible reasons. A sense of belonging, a sense of peace. A sense of love.

So here’s a quick reality check to see what might be your present point of worship. What do you see? Big part of worship is what you look at, what you gaze upon, what you elevate in your day-to-day vision. your point of reference very quickly becomes your point of

reverence. And what you consistently look at doesn’t only change what you see, but it changes how you see. So take a quick look at your sense of vision.

Secondly. what do you listen to? What are you hearing, on repeat in your life, your sources of information, the sounds you are presently immersed in, the people who have your ear? Perhaps take a bit more control of your day-to-day auditory programming.

The third point of worship is what you say when we think about our incantations, your words. What are you repeating to others in the company of those around you, and silently to yourself? Are you repeating belittling thoughts, or maybe expressing your fears?

And if so, it doesn’t take much effort to really change that, and to turn those scared words into sacred words just by reversing those two letters, or, in your case, a bit of a different focus. How about this one? What do you practice? You see, practice is the way our embodiment happens. The act of doing is what creates becoming, and we’re day to day, always becoming something else in our life and discovering new ways of being. The other way we’ve practiced is by surrounding ourselves in a sense of community and a sense of fellowship. So take a look at the people with who you are presently communing.

You see, my friends, because life is worship. The object of your devotion is incredibly important. And so, when we look at that with precise questioning and say, “is it the right object of our devotion? Or are there opportunities to redirect your attention, your inputs, your words, and your practice to create even more truth, peace, and meaning in your life? Until next week. Elevate your worship and stay Off Balance on Purpose.


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