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The Show Must Go On

What happens when you have multiple, live virtual events following tropical storms and power outages? This exciting and (now) hilarious true story gives you a backstage pass to real-time challenges and essential teamwork in action. I hope it inspires you to lean into your unexpected challenges because, for all of us, the show MUST go on!



This week was full of obstacles disguised as opportunities.  Or wait, is that the other way around?  Maybe both. Today’s video is a little longer than normal, but I think you’ll enjoy the true story as it unfolded yesterday. We were definitely Off Balance On Purpose, and the show must go on.

And now in the ever changing, increasingly disruptive world of being a speaker in 2020, let me show you the latest addition to my virtual studio. It is my Dewalt 8000 watt generator.

So the day before yesterday, this storm came through Georgia that was just nuts. I mean like shake the trees, knock over the trees on the power lines kind of crazy. And it knocked out all the power in 60 percent of our county, and we had a show yesterday to go live in our virtual studio, and zero power.

So I went to Home Depot and got this generator which I am currently bringing outside to get setup for today’s program. These are all 20 amp circuits. So trying to get everything in our studio to run off 40 amps, I felt like Gary Sinese in “Apollo 13” trying to wire the module for restart. Bottom line, we could not get it happening yesterday, and it broke my heart, but I had to bail on the live program and instead had to run a prerecorded video of a speech. The audience loved it. The client was happy. It all worked out. And then, the power came on … almost.

Because of the extensive damage to power lines, we did get power in our house, our office house, but not in our office studio. Those lines were damaged beyond repair. So now we’re running a hybrid setup of power lines that go from the generator to the studio and from the house to the studio to get sufficient power to power everything for today’s live event. At this point, we’ve got about two hours before we have to log in and get ready to go live! There we go. A little camping light right here. Studio’s a little dark right now to do a show, so we better run some cables.

So, we got a lot of power running, to the pavilion, to the generator. We’re not firing up yet. Simon’s over there. We got some power going inside. We got to switch some lines around because we went to… um. Stephanie’s here. Yay. Stephanie’s here. It’s her birthday today, by the way.

Happy birthday.

Stephanie: Thank you.

We got her some balloons. And some fun stuff.

And in a totally random weirdness thing, I got stung in the middle of my back by either a spider, or a wasp, which dropped down my sweatshirt and stung or bit me in the middle of my back.  But the show must go on.

So, now we’ve got computers and the flip board plugged in in here. Lights and cameras to the generator.

Idle open. Gas full. Oil ready. Starting. Let there be light. All right. Waking up the studio. Cameras on. Flip board is coming on. Got this camera on right here.  Any good? Ta-da. And we… are … in business. Bam! TV’s up. Lights are up, and with both of these doors closed, we won’t even hear the generator. Spencer, you can’t be in the show.

What do you think buddy? You ready for a show? You ready for a show?

OK, we’re about there. I’ve got fresh batteries in the mic. Everything seems to be working, we’ve already done our Zoom test, and it is almost showtime.

Crazy update here. The generator’s off right now. We were checking the gas while it was running to make sure it was fine, and Shay decided to check the oil. So while it was running, she opened the oil, and it sprayed oil all over her, in her hair. She’s inside getting cleaned up right now. I turned off the generator. But I’ll turn it back on once she’s clean and we’re ready to go. WOW!

Take two. Studio is up. Computers are up.

Shay: Now you’ve got me messed up.

You ready everybody?

Client via livefeed: To bring him live from his broadcasting studio in Atlanta, GA, let’s roll this quick video.

Hello everyone. So great to be with you. It is Dan Thurmon, from Atlanta, GA.

One of our best virtual events yet, elevated and intensified by what we overcame to get there. Sometimes the way through it, is just to take the next positive step forward, smile, and pray. You don’t have to know the end solution to start solving problems. And you don’t have to do it all alone. Thank you Shay, Stephanie, and all our incredible partners, including the guy at Home Depot. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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