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The Truth About Chaos

The “new normal” has become, in many ways, ever present CHAOS. Unexpected change can either be overwhelming and anxiety inducing OR a tremendous opportunity to gain clarity and growth. If you want the later, watch this video and register for “The Truth about Chaos,” November 2, at 2:00pm EST



When I say “Chaos,” what comes to mind? This week we’re in Austin, TX with an exciting announcement!
Last night I had the incredible honor of officiating the wedding of my nephew, Clay, and his now wife, Susie! Starting a marriage or any life journey is an act of faith, courage, and exciting new possibilities, and it’s also a reminder that at any moment in life, you have the power to create new and remarkable change.
It may not feel that way. For nearly two years, we’ve been bombarded by unexpected change. At this present moment, so much feels outside your control and completely unpredictable. Chaos is looming, and can be extremely limiting. Yet you know what? The power of chaos, the energy that’s contained in your present uncertainty, can be a positive force for transformation, especially if you have the right process.
I’m excited to invite you to a LIVE digital event that’s happening November 2 at 2:00 pm Eastern. Rather than taking two minutes, as we do here, we’re going to invest an hour to give you the information, tools, and action plans to transform your current Chaos into a more fulfilling, rewarding, and successful life.  It’s absolutely free to attend, and we’re broadcasting from our studio in Atlanta, Georgia, so you’re in for an interesting experience. To register, visit this link right away, as attendance is limited.
The event is called “The Truth about Chaos,” and it will dramatically change the way you view your circumstances and decisions, and help you immediately activate new opportunities for growth. You’ll learn to leverage your uniqueness for greater influence, impact and success. And warning, you may define “success” very differently after this event. I know it’ll be very valuable for you, so I hope you will attend.
I can’t wait to visit with you LIVE on November 2nd. So please register now, put it in your calendar, and join me for The Truth About Chaos. See you Soon!


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