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      The Upward Spiral

      Life presents repeating “spirals” –  recurring challenges, experiences, and opportunities. Your awareness, skill, and courage determine if you’re spiraling upward, or circling down. We’re at the airport where I learned to fly, helping you master your upward spiral.



      I’m at the airport where I l learned to fly asking, are you circling upward, or spiraling down?

      I think the life journey is really all about loops. Recurring circumstances. Repetitive challenges. Persistent lessons and opportunities, showing up in new or familiar ways, again and again. And because you can’t change the past or control the future, your only point of influence is in the present moment.

      How you do today – handle the next conversation or engage the next challenge, won’t change everything at once, but it will determine whether you are spiraling increasingly upwards, or circling down.

      Downward spirals can happen because of slipping standards, excuses, inattention, or the accommodation of deceit. You can’t lie to yourself or someone else without losing something. Reputation. Self respect. Or opportunities you may never even know were possible. Lessons unlearned return with greater consequence, and you lose options as you slowly, or quickly descend.

      Or, show up to your moments with just a bit more presence. Elevate effort, honesty, and ownership. Remember, you can’t change everything at once, but you can change trajectory. Handle things differently. Improve what’s important. Address what you’ve been pretending not to know.

      Upward spirals aren’t easy, but over time they bring greater altitude, which translates to new vision and better choices. More importantly, they bring an inner peace and satisfaction that you’re playing a bigger game by higher standards and principles. So, spiral upward and you’ll continue to be Off Balance On Purpose.

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