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Three Shortcuts to Success

Are your struggles increasing the distance to what you desire? This week’s video delivers three shortcuts to fast-track your happiness and accomplishments.



Are you looking for a shortcut to success or happiness? Some say they don’t exist, yet they absolutely do! We’re in Cleveland, OH, taking shortcuts.
Journeys and achievement take undeniable effort, and for years the adage, “there’s no shortcut to success” seemed to hold true. Yet today, incredible opportunities, connectedness, and access to information has leveled the playing field.  It’s never been easier to create your own fast track.
This week, I’d like to talk to you about other shortcuts – to stronger relationships, better physical and mental health. To peace of mind, or self-love. How about a shortcut to truth, or genuine joy? Do those exist? Absolutely.
You could spend a lifetime living out different versions of the same struggles, or you can elevate above them and deal with their cause – usually some form of self-limitation. Either you’re not taking complete ownership of your circumstances, or you’re climbing mountains wearing ankle weights. Or both.
The first shortcut is self honesty. What are you pretending not to know? How are you, right now, deluding yourself? Perhaps saying you are serious about something when you know you’re heart’s not really in it, and you are unwilling to do what it takes.  Honestly, are you as good as you think you are, or can you recognize just how much you need to learn?
The second shortcut is responsibility. Take 100% ownership of what happens to you and because of you. Waste no energy projecting blame or engaging in self punishment. Don’t judge your circumstances whatsoever. Improve them, starting with you.
The third shortcut involves removing those unnecessary weights – the addictions and behaviors that secretly consume you, resentments or the weights of others’ expectations. Do what’s required to lighten your load.
Blazing those shortcuts – self honesty, responsibility, and freeing yourself of extra burdens – can be like wielding a machete through the thick underbrush of your psyche. Or it can be as easy as a simple decision. But on the other side is a brighter path, a higher elevation, and a beautiful view. Are you ready? Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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