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Throwing Focus

Where and how you “throw focus” directly impacts your most important relationships. This week’s video teaches you to maximize limited time while uplifting those you care about.



Are you making demands of others or pulling focus from those you care about? There’s a better way to get what you want while improving your most vital relationships.

My wife Shay is a talented writer and filmmaker. We’re in Austin, TX, where her short film, Reset, is nominated for awards and being screened today. I’m here to lend support and attention to this important moment and recognition.

Relationships can be complex, but some things are pretty simple. What’s important to your spouse, or significant other, should probably also matter to you. Sometimes, we naturally share passions. But other times, especially for independent, driven people, this takes intention.

In the performance world there’s a term for this: throwing focus. Performers share the stage while directing attention and energy to support the moment. This takes awareness and a shared agreement of what’s important – the main thing about the main thing.

In relationships, sometimes our goals and stories diverge. My career has often caused me to miss the chance to throw focus to my wife, my family, and my friends. Now I found other ways to support and connect. Yet when it comes to big moments, either you’re there or you’re not.

We learn from missed opportunities and repeated patterns. Like Shay’s film title, we “reset,” then resolve to begin again, differently. So, where are you throwing focus right now? Are you adding to the ensemble or rewriting the story? Are you focused on yourself?  Or unfocused, scattering your attention everywhere? How’s it working?

Throw your focus to the future and ask, “When I look back upon this moment and these opportunities, what or who, will I wish I’d have focused more on?” Then come back and realize you have every opportunity to reset right now and throw focus where you know it’s most beneficial. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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