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Top Priority

Do you have multiple priorities? How many? Too many? And do you know which one is highest? Let’s get clear on your top priority.



“Priority” is derived from the Latin word, “priorita,” meaning “first in order and importance.” First. Meaning the one. And that’s what it meant until sometime in the 20th century when the word found a plural form. Not just one, but several priorities.

In our busy world, most thoughts and requests present as urgent, or at least time sensitive. Many of these are important. But only one of them is actually the priority. The first thing you should do. The most essential for you to lift up, protect, and preserve.

What is priority in your life? When facing a situation where you could lose everything, what would you choose to save? You may not yet have the answer, which is good to know because now you can seek it and test it. During times of disruptive chaos, we many need to make such difficult choices.

And even in good times and with abundant opportunities, the priority should be sought and seized FIRST. When facing a packed to-do list, ask, “If I could only get one thing done and this would still be a productive day, what would that one thing be?” Start with that. If you could only have one conversation with a friend or loved one, what would you say?  Don’t go another day with having that talk and saying what is priority for that relationship.

It’s hard to choose between what’s critical, or various degrees of good – what you desire, respect, love, and value. Yet, choosing your top priority will simplify your life and elevate what’s essential. Release the need to do everything, and handle your top priority. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.

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