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      What Gives?

      What gives? 

      Do you hear that question as a challenge, a charge, or a chance to contribute? This two minute video will reveal exactly how re-aligning your approach can create dramatic improvements in both your immediate results and your long-term prospects.

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      This week I just have to ask you straight out … What Gives? We’re OBOP, back in Vegas!
      “What gives?” Is a simple question that cuts through the noise and can stop you in your tracks to confront reality. You may hear it and think of something are trying to avoid or ignore. Are you putting off what matters? Failing to act or hold others accountable for their behavior? So what’s the problem? What’s holding you back? What gives? You know, or at least have a strong sense of that answer.
      Now hear it this way. “What … GIVES?” What actions, ideas, words, decisions GIVE to the world, rather than take from it? What gives you joy? What gives you energy? What gives you purpose? Is your daily routine a “net positive” for you and for others, or does it drain and deplete you? What could you be doing to GIVE more opportunity and encouragement as pursue more of what gives you fulfillment?
      It doesn’t take a lot to give a lot. A kind word. A smile. Genuine interest and a few minutes to hear someone’s ideas or concerns. Generosity is a two way gift – as you can’t give more than you get back. You’ll experience that with immediate satisfaction, AND with ongoing surprises you can’t even anticipate. And when you understand that, what gives becomes a strategy to sustainable success, as well as well being.
      And if you don’t align your work, your life, and your words with a giving intention, I’ll tell you “what gives.” You do! Sooner or later, in ways that are subtle and, sometimes, severe. Breakdowns of spirit, health, and happiness. You will give out, unless you give in to your nature of giving.
      This week, ask what gives you joy and satisfaction? Ask what the world needs more of? Then get busy claiming your gifts and passing them along, and just watch what giving gives you. Until next week, stay OBOP.
    • Kurtz Tak says:

      Oh yeah! Great one Dan!!!
      What gives? Made me wonder
      How that expression ever came about to
      Be used as it was used as. What Gives?

    • ET says:

      I love your videos, but find it REALLY difficult to implement the ‘how’….. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like the mindset that has to be overcome this video and many of the others, is the hardest part, due to years of conditioning. Thoughts?

      • Dan Thurmon says:

        ET, Sorry to be so delayed in my response. I appreciate your comment and know you’re not alone in your challenge to shift a well-ingrained mindset. The shift you’re describing is challenging, and I don’t want to diminish your struggles. And still, I will tell you that it is within your control now, in this moment to make the shift. You need to know that! The mindset is the tactic and the strategy and the “how,” because my next move is not the same as yours. So, instead of bracing for a difficult, time consuming struggle, first consider that it is, in fact, possible for your to make this shift now. Today. Suspend your disbelief, even temporarily, and “go there” in your thinking. Then claim whatever breakthrough, however small you make as your new normal, and continue to make consistent progress. I believe in you!

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