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What’s Essential

When faced with a constraint, such as time or money, we are forced to determine: What’s essential? This video will help you to realize your true priorities and take action before the demand becomes critical.

  • tak kurtz says:

    Very tough question to ask! Last week 3 people I knew died, and the people most impacted by those losses I also knew.
    When I saw that 15 min counter counting down…I thought of what would you want to convey if you knew you only had minutes left.
    honestly… I really don’t know. But perhaps that is the effect of having 3 people depart in one week…hopefully I have more than 15 min. left. ‘knock’ on wood!
    But I am curious how the gig went!

  • Larry Edrlen says:

    Very good message Dan!
    I’m sharing with some of my friends who will very much appreciate this.

    Larry Edelen

  • Mike Rayburn says:

    I love the idea that the answer is… less. Today I participated in a leadership training for Verve Church which talked about the importance of… Quiet. Taking quiet time every day. Spent in three areas: Silence. Reflecting. Scripture. Celebrated CEO, Jack Welch was famous for taking one hour each day, closing everyting off and just thinking. Maybe… maybe… this is how what is essential… what you’ll put in those fifteen minutes… is revealed to us.

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