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      When Chapters End

      When one chapter ends and another begins, how will you adjust? This week’s question comes from Joe, which we’ll answer from Worcester, Massachusetts.



      Life is a riveting adventure, which demands your attention and involvement. So much so, you can get lost in the plot and the end of a chapter can catch you off guard.

      Empty nesting is like this. And also new jobbing. Caregiving. Volunteer roles and responsibilities. Even relationships can transform or run their course. Inevitably, whatever you think of as “fixtures” may reveal their fleeting nature.

      When what was such a part of your identity ends, it causes the questions, “Who am I now?” And “What’s next?” At such times, I’ve found it useful to cultivate these three mindsets.

      1. Appreciation. It’s easy to appreciate what was. But can you appreciate what is? Today’s joys and challenges will come to an end. Savor the moments as you cement the memories.

      2. Anticipation. To move on from the past, have something to see and move toward. What do you aspire to learn, do, and become? What invitations is life presenting you now?

      3. Timelessness. In a world of constant transition, what truly lasts? For me, this comes down to faith in God and what is eternal and enduring. However you do it, there’s comfort in looking outside your personal timeline and asking, how am I participating in and contributing to the bigger story?

      Finishing a chapter can be difficult, especially one of incredible joy and satisfaction. It‘s helpful to know that those lessons stay with you, enriching all that’s to come as you turn the page. I hope that helps you Joe. Until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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