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Winding Down

Do you find it hard to de-stress at the end of the day? This week’s video will give you five great tips to wind down for better rest and renewal.



We’re approaching the end of the year, but not the end of life’s stresses. So today, we’re de-stressing in Dallas.
Today’s question comes from Lisa, who is working full time, feeling burnt out, and experiencing more stress than ever. She asks, “Any tips for less stress and for winding down at the end of the day?”
Great question, Lisa. When the stress from one aspect of life threatens the joy of others, we miss the magic and beauty of life’s moments. And if we can’t unwind, or switch off, we can’t adequately renew our minds, bodies, and spirits.
Here are five suggestions to help you wind down.
1. Glides versus crashes. In my late 20s, I learned to fly planes and follow the proper glide path to land. Too low, and you might not make the runway. Too high, and you hit hard. So rather than “crash” at the end of your day, give yourself permission to “glide.” Turn your switch into a dimmer.
2. Naturally. If you’re regularly taking sleep aids, you aren’t optimally resting, enabling your body to find its natural rhythm and sustainable system of recovery.
3. Permission to check out. Give yourself permission to suspend your thinking, rest your mind, and allow your subconscious to serve you. This gets easier with practice, and starts by recognizing that your active thinking is producing only unhelpful noise. Then, allow your subconscious to take over for awhile, possibly even solving some problems while you rest.
4. Capture your thoughts. When something comes to mind, like a concern, a “to do,” or a creative idea, write it down.  Once it’s out of your mind, you can let it go, knowing you can find it later.
5. Rituals. Ritualize what works to help you de-stress and unwind in a healthy way. For me, stretching in the evenings cues my body and mind that it’s time to rest.
Also, to the best of your ability, and full disclosure, not my strong suit, turn off your screens, including your cell phone, as you start your evening glide path. Otherwise, your mind is at the mercy of someone else’s agenda.
So, as we wind down the year, let’s become more deliberate at winding down our days. And until next week, stay Off Balance On Purpose.


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