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Your Mind Quits First

Are you ready to give up? Do you know someone who is? Please use and share this week’s video to keep going and growing!  I’ll give you three strategies, plus a bonus, to stay mentally strong and committed.



What’s your first line of defense against giving up? We’re in Perdido Beach, Alabama.

Recently in a yoga class I was struggling to maintain my posture and balance, stretching deeper in two directions while trying to breathe without gasping. I was on the edge of my ability, ready to fall out the pose, when my instructor Connie said, “Remember, your mind quits first.” And I knew right then I’d explore that idea with you.

Because it’s so true. When you find yourself giving up on goals or intentions, realize your mind quits first. For example…

Your mind quits before your body gives out.

Your mind quits before you’re out of options.

Your mind quits when you’re discouraged or meet resistance.

Your mind may quit when you’re on the verge of your greatest achievement or breakthrough!

So what do we do with this realization? We focus on building mental toughness. Last week I talked about strengthening your brain with habits, rest, and nourishment. Now, here are three suggestions for mindful staying power.

1. Find Gratitude. Recognize when you’re in a mental struggle and welcome it as a chance to build strength and resilience.

2. Depersonalize. When you make the challenge emotional you spend extra energy and can rally to overcome. But that’s difficult to sustain and doubly painful when it fails. Elevate above your emotions and immediate situation. See the struggle objectively, as if it’s happening to someone else.

3. Distract yourself. Rather than focusing on the effort or personal toll, notice other details. Find curiosities and distractions that allow you to continue just a bit longer.

And finally, to reinforce your mental fortitude get clear on exactly why this matters – to you and others. When you lose meaning your mind will quit. Find the necessity of your commitment, and you will definitely be Off Balance On Purpose.


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