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The outdoor “Wonder Bra” ampitheater. (R) Our point of contact, Les Whitehead. March 16, Qatar, 16:22 (4:22 pm). We’ve been in the country for about twelve hours, having taken a brutal 7 hour C130 ride from Bagram.

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Afghanistan 4

Starting to get the hang of this time change thing, just in time to leave Afghanistan. Actually, our flight is not until this evening, affording us another day on base to take in the sights, use the facilities, and visit with soldiers. Now that we have done two shows here, people are beginning to recognize us, and that familiarity is promoting some terrific conversations…

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Afghanistan 3

It is another breathtaking day in Bagram with clear skies and gorgeous views of the Hindu Kush Mountain Range. Yesterday (Sunday) was a day of renewal for us, including a meeting with Colonel Algermissen, church services, exercise, and even a massage at the Day Spa/Barber Shop…

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Afghanistan 2

In Jalalabad, Afghanistan, we had a mixed audience of both military personnel and local nationals. At this “Provisional Rebuilding” base, Americans and Afghans work together to bring positive change to the community…

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Time is nearly irrelevant. Sleep is also, apparently, irrelevant. We are in the midst of another action-packed day. This experience has gone beyond exciting to surreal- without a doubt the most extraordinary thing I’ve ever done…

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I’m writing aboard a C130 enroute to Uzbekistan , our second stop on the tour. It is as noisy as I am tired, and as I look around the spacious interior, I see my performing partners and two crew members, all stretched out, asleep on the uncomfortable bench seats. I’m seated upright, my back against the red netting that passes for a back rest…

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