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Here Now

If New Years’ goals or resolutions have fallen flat in the past, try a different strategy to make 2020 a defining year for your growth and success. In this two minute video, I’ll share my personal “theme” for 2020 and help you to capture yours.

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Finish Strong

With the end of the year in sight, will you coast to completion or finish strong? This two minute video will help you better enjoy the holidays AND get a jump start on 2020!

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Your Worst Enemy

How do you recognize and defeat your own “worst enemy?” This short video will shed light on those questions and deliver a three step process to inner victory.

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Do your ambitions drive you, or intimidate you? And just how do you turn ambition into consistent progress? This week’s video will show you how to add greater purpose to your desires and propel ambition into action!

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Instant Success

When I say success, what do you think of? What may come to mind are all the qualities, conditions, and circumstances that you’d like to have, but don’t. In actuality, you embody right now a track record of success you can leverage.

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Starting Over

What do you do when you feel like you’re back at the beginning, or that your very foundation has been knocked out from under you? You’re starting over, and that’s not a bad thing. This 3 minute video delivers a five-step plan for a new beginning.

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