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On Thin Ice

When are risks worth taking?  And how should you approach the “right risks?” Two weeks ago, when snow and ice descended upon Atlanta, it made national headlines. In fact, I was in Lethbridge, Canada this week (where the weather was subzero and snowy), and even they had heard about the freak Atlanta snowstorm!

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Adapt to Connect

I am so excited to be returning to Puerto Rico this month where I’ll be speaking at the El Conquistador Resort for SHRM–PR. Shay and I are bringing the whole family to enjoy the destination and make some wonderful memories. The audience I will address at this event speaks Spanish as a first language, although most are also fluent in English.

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Bold Goals for 2012

Last week I got together with my friend and fellow speaker, Mike Rayburn, to do some planning and goal setting for the New Year. We had a very productive two day session, discussing all aspects of business, as well as our families, fitness, and spiritual journeys. We really pushed each other to “Go for the Bold.”

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