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Keeping it New

Happy “Almost New” Year! It is January 16, so 2008 isn’t exactly “new” anymore, although it still has that “New Year Smell.” In contemplating this month’s Action Mail, I considered a message that would help you to move beyond resolutions and implement “New Year’s Evolutions” that had lasting impact. But I did that already, two years ago.

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Decide to Decide

It’s decision time. All eyes are upon you. Which way will you go? What path will you take? It’s your call, and the impact of your choice can forever shape your life for better or worse. Time’s up. So let’s have it.What is your decision?

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Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning. One of the best parts of my job is that I am always learning about a variety of industries, companies, places, and people. In order to connect with each audience, I must first develop an understanding about the group – what they do, their challenges, their mission, and their ultimate objectives…

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The Gift of the Grind

We lament the labor of our lives, resent and resist the effort it takes to get up early, face our commutes, and continue the disciplined routines we follow. We perceive the “daily grind” is an unfortunate necessity – an aspect of life we reluctantly must endure so that we may one day reach a moment of ease and comfort.

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Not Enough Time is Not the Problem

Do you have the time? Well, what if you did? In the 1963 Twilight Zone episode A Kind of Stopwatch, Patrick McNulty does not fit in. His irritating personality and know-it-all nature wins him no friends and even gets him fired from his job. Later that day in a neighborhood bar, he meets a strange man named Potts who offers him an unusual stopwatch.

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Attention to Detail

What do Prince and Notre Dame have in common? Last week I had an opportunity to find out first hand, and both experiences got me thinking about the way people or institutions distinguish themselves and rise above comparison.

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