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Activating Resilience

Do you struggle getting up from low moments, or bouncing back from set backs?  This week’s video will help you […]

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Some Certainty

If uncertainty is all consuming, and you feel stressed, helpless and confused, what can you do? This week, we’re Off Balance On Purpose for certain.

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What To Do When You Doubt

This week, I had three people tell me they were struggling with self-doubt, asking for ideas to help. Great topic, as self-doubt … or shaken confidence, is part of the human experience.

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What Are You Thinking

Today I need to ask, ​what are you thinking? ​And are your thoughts preventing you ​from getting what you really want?

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Life is Pain

When life becomes painful for you or someone you care about, how should you respond? Here are two useful strategies – the first for dealing with your pain, and the second for relating to others about their pain.

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Making Breakthroughs

How do you push through difficult moments? Do you recognize and accept the opportunities you have to truly make a breakthrough?

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