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Commitments to Yourself

How often do you advocate others’ desires over your personal intentions and commitments? This week’s video will help you keep […]

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The Truth About Chaos

The “new normal” has become, in many ways, ever present CHAOS. Unexpected change can either be overwhelming and anxiety inducing […]

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Your Path of Inspiration

What’s your reliable path to inspiration? Where do you go, what do you do, or what sources do you tune […]

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Lifetime Value of Decisions

Are you faced with a choice right now? Are you judging yourself or your circumstances? This week’s video will help […]

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Everyday Hero

The world needs heroes, not to perform extraordinary feats, but to provide everyday examples of courageous integrity. This week’s video […]

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Stay Curious

There’s an enormous difference between confusion and curiosity. This week’s video will help you default to an inquisitive viewpoint to […]

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