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Mastering Metaphor

Whether you’re trying to teach or eager to learn, mastering metaphors can accelerate the process and elevate results. This week’s […]

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Today’s video will help you maximize your ability to make others stronger and fill their hearts. You have the power […]

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Presume Positive

How can you simultaneously elevate your experiences, increase the odds of success, and attract people who will help you? This […]

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Multiplied Attention

What’s even more powerful than “undivided attention?” This week’s video teaches you how to multiply your presence for deeper connections, […]

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Letting Go Of Goals

Are your current goals limiting you? Would you recognize the moments and opportunities that offer better options? Do you have […]

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Some Things in Moderation

When does “moderation” actually work against you? How can you use frustration to create personal freedom? This week’s video may […]

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