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Crafting Your Masterpiece

This last weekly coaching video of 2022, from Florence, Italy, gives you three essential principles to elevate your life’s work. […]

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When In Rome

When spending time with people or in places far different from your “norm,” how do you react to the unfamiliar? […]

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Stop Stopping Yourself

Are you stopping yourself from making progress or seizing opportunities? This week’s video will help you understand why this happens, […]

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Fruits of Abundance

How can you give abundantly when you’re on a budget? This week’s video will help you give more of what […]

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Seizing Moments

Your life is a collection of moments which you can either “deal with” and understand later or seize as they […]

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Meaning Matters

The “meaning of life” isn’t an unattainable question. It’s an answer you bring to your everyday circumstances. This week’s video […]

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